Health and hydration

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Health and hydration

Many of us have heard about drinking enough water each day to stay hydrated, but do we truly understand its importance? 

More than 60% of our human body is composed of water; that's most of our bodily existence. Some researchers have also suggested that drinking water quells anxiety and also helps you get through problems more efficiently. Water is essential at the very cellular level and regulates all the biological processes. 

Water for a healthy heart

Water promotes cardiovascular health. When there is insufficient water in the body causing dehydration, blood volume lowers, causing the heart to work harder to pump that lesser volume through all body. The volume of blood also affects your ability to perform strenuous activities like running and exercise. Drinking enough water ensures you maintain a good volume of blood that all your organs and cells are supplied with enough oxygen to function.

Water for healthy supple skin

All skin cells need hydration to maintain its form and function. When the body gets dehydrated, this form gets affected, in turn compromising the elasticity of the skin. Staying hydrated helps in keeping skin looking fresh and supple. 

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Water helps in cleansing your body

Water is an essential component that helps kidneys perform their function of eliminating waste from the body. Drinking more water also helps in preventing urinary tract infections and other kidney problems like kidney stones. Staying severely dehydrated can also cause a toxin build-up in the body. 

Water keeps your mouth and lips moist

Staying hydrated keeps your mouth moist, preventing the unpleasant taste due to dryness. It even moistens lips from within, naturally preventing them from chapping.

Water supports the efficient functioning of all internal organs and cells of the body and prevents the ill effects of dehydration. Did you know that the presence of heavy metals can be harmful to health and need to be filtered out before drinking? Here's how heavy metals can affect your health

With the increased awareness of drinking water, we should also consider the quality of water we consume daily. Investing in a high-quality water filter can be a great way to make sure that you and your family are drinking pure filtered water. Do you and your family need a high-quality water filter? Ranging from floor standing water filters to benchtop water filters and accessories, at OzStar, you will find water coolers and water filters to suit your family's needs. 

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