Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain Cat Dog Drinking Bowl Waterfall LED 2.4L with 8 Extra Filters

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Cat Water Fountain, Stainless Steel Intelligent Auto Power Off Pet Fountain Drinking Dog Water Fountain Recirculating 2.4L Automatic Drinking Water Dispenser USB Powered


8 Extra Filters 

Product description

  • Large Capacity & attractive Design: 2.4L l capacity provides enough water for cats, dogs and other pets of various sizes. 
  • Smart light indicator and auto power off pump: Transparent water level window with LED Light reminds you adding water in time during the day or at night. When the water level is low, the light turns red and the pump shuts off automatically. Stainless steel top pet fountain features LED light that will decorate your room in the evening.
  • Easy to Set up & Use: the pet fountain only takes a few minutes to set up. Disassembling for cleaning and maintenance is easy. BPA free cat fountain is safe for your pets.
  • Circulating filtration system with 2 filter layers inside: the circulating filtration system uses a replaceable charcoal filter to purify the water, remove dirt and food particles and a pre-filter sponge to catch the hair and debris. It provides fresh clean water to your lovely pets.
  • 360° multi-directional streams aerate the water for added oxygen and freshness. A source of running water encourages pets to drink more rather than still water. Hydration helps prevent your pet from urinary and kidney diseases.
  • Water Level Window with Blue & Red Smart Auto Power Off Light:This cat fountain with LED light not only can clearly monitor water level at a glance, but also can remind you adding water.The smart light changes to red when the water level is low and the pump then turns off automatically which prevents it from running dry and burning out.
  • Food-grade Material: 304 stainless steel tray at the top can make it easy to keep the water clean and keep the water cold. The pet fountain is made of BPA free PP resin material.
  • Enhanced Filtration:Equipped with 3 extra replacement filters, which is composed of a cotton layer, activated carbon and an ion exchange resin, more healthier than other only two material. Free-falling streams add oxygen for freshness, running water to the surface to encourage more picky drinker to drink more from it.
  • 3 Different Flow: You can turn the flower cover or petals to achieve 3 different flow modes: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain. The free-falling stream add oxygen for freshness, which is more attractive than still water in regular water bowl to your pets.

Contents of the Box:

1 x Pet Water Fountain

1 x DC Pump

8 x Total Filters 

1 x Instruction Manual 

1 x USB Cable (attached to pump) 


Clean the Pump to Extend Life:
Cleaning the pump is essential to the longevity of the fountain. Please clean the pump at least every 2 weeks.
Step 1: Remove the pump cover.
Step 2: Remove the impeller cap by placing your fingernail underneath the small lip.
Step 3: Remove the impeller and clean the parts with soap and warm water.

Important Reminders:
1. Indoor use only!
2. For the health of your pet, it is suggested to change the water and clean the fountain every week.
3. Sometimes loud fountains are the consequence of a low water level or a dirty impeller. Clean your fountain’s impeller and ensure the water reaches to at least the minimum level.
4. To prevent the activated carbon dust (it will not harm your pets) from shedding, please soak the filter in water for 2 minutes and rinse it thoroughly under running water before use. It is recommended to flush the filter and sponge with water every time you change the water.
5. According to your pet's drinking frequency and the number of pets using the fountain, replace the filter every 2 to 4 weeks and replace the sponge every 4 to 8 weeks.
6. Please keep the cable away from pets chewing it.

Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain Cat Dog Drinking Bowl Waterfall LED 2.4L with 8 Extra Filters |