Digital Food Thermometer Probe Temperature Cooking BBQ Meat Fork Beef Turkey

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Instant Read Digital Grill Kitchen Meat Thermometer Dual Probe BBQ Food Cooking

BBQ Baking Beef Cooking Digital Food Fork Grill Kitchen LCD Meat Pre-Program Probe Sensor Thermometer Turkey

Awesome gift idea for BBQ lovers!

Description of BBQ Fork Digital Thermometer:

Stainless steel interchangeable fork and pin

Various options for meat type (fish, beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey)

Pre-set temperature settings (rare, medium-rare, well done)

LCD screen with backlight

Built-in LED light

Timer function

Beeps when temperature reached

Measures both °C or Fahrenheit Includes

Fork probe BBQ meat thermometer, precise detector to make tasty meat

stainless steel probes, easy and stable to detect the meat temperature

Centigrade and Fahrenheit switch units

LCD digital display with blue backlight, easy and quick to read

Auto power off in 10 minutes without operation, low power consumption

Professional thermometer for different barbecue meat of beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken, and turkey, and different tastes of well done,

medium, medium  rare and rare

Beep alarm when reaches the preset temperature, no worry about forgetting

Turn off the thermometer by long pressing the "meat" button

Super-fast and accurate: Digital grill food thermometer gets temp readout within 3-7 seconds, the temperature range of 0 Celsius~ 100 Celsius(32 Fahrenheit~212 Fahrenheit) Accurate to +/- 0.9 Fahrenheit, There is a button on the back of the item you can change the Celsius and Fahrenheit setting with ease.

Reading effortlessly and safe: - Large clear LDC display with back-lit install, flashlight function make sure you can cooking in the dark.

Comfortable and convenient to store: - Ergonomically designed with a proprietary operating system, hand feel and drape, there is a loop on the top of the thermometer can hang it on your grill or kitchen, with fork cover, safety and health.

Multi-purpose and durable, whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is a hard to come by helper for you.

Cooking preference settings, rare, medium rare, medium and well done.

No corrosion.

Multiple options for meat type.

Built in back-lit.

Flash light function

Use Instructions:

Remove the plastic dual probe protector, insert the batteries. 

To turn on press and hold the Meat On/Off button.

To select the meat type press Meat On/Off button scroll from one type to next type.

To select cooked preference press the Taste button.

Insert the BBQ thermometer fork into the meat and wait for a stable reading, if it is already cooked, the alarm will sound.

Multiple options for meat type.

Built in back-lit.

Flash light function.

Images are for illustration purpose only. Accessories are not included.


Stainless steel duel probes, easy to clean with warm cloth and never rust,

Digital meat thermometer will give you perfectly done food every time you grill, cook or bake. An absolute food preparation necessity and makes a wonderful gift idea.

Enjoy your food the way you want it with this bbq fork thermometer.It comes with multiple options for meat type & taste level.

This was designed with a comfort grip handle and fork. The fork keeps your hands safe from fire and heat, while able to go deep into the food.

Remove the plastic dual probe protector, insert the batteries and select what you are cooking. the temperature will display on LCD.

Once the meat reaches the desired temperature, the alarm will sound to alert you.


Material: ABS

Coulor: Black and Silver

Key Operation: ON/OFF, Meat, Taste, Light

Temperature Range: -5℃~ 100℃(0-180F)

Temperature Resolution: 0.1℃/0.1F

Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃

Package includes:

1x BBQ Fork

1x  Instruction manual



Just wash the probe by warm water and wipe it clean

Please don't put it within children's reach

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